Call for New Artists & Artisans

Unique Boutique (UB) is unlike most of the fine arts and craft shows that you will attend, in that it is non-profit and completely organized and run by it's artist and artisan members. Once voted in as a member, you will have a place with the group for as long as you wish to participate. Some of our members have been with the show for over 30 years. The success of our shows is dependent only on our ability to work as a team toward our goals. UB members do everything from new member selection to advertising, signage. and website management.

We meet three times a year (virtually) to work on show planning and judging for any new vendors. There are still a few spots available this year.

If you are interested in joining us, download the application and submit along with five pictures of your work and one of your booth display via email to:

Your application will then be reviewed by a committee of your peers. If your application receives initial peer approval, your photos will be forwarded to all members of Unique Boutique. Your items will be judged on quality, craftsmanship and uniqueness.

The cost for this year's show in Hollywood, Maryland is $100 which is due within 10 days of membership approval. We hope you will join us!