Meet Mary Lou Troutman: Painter

Mary Lou Troutman was born in 1957 and grew up in the countryside of Southern Maryland. From an early age she began expressing her talents and upon graduation from St. Mary's Academy (where she won the senior art achievement award) she attended Md. College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

Between high school and her first year of college she met a man that would change her life and career for the better. In the fall of 1977, she married Jeff Troutman, who immediately recognized her talent for art and took her work to a local art league where she has been exhibiting ever since. Mary Lou and Jeff returned to her home town of Dameron, a small country town located along the Chesapeake Bay on the southern tip of St. Marys' county. From her woodland studio she kept close company with the abundance of nature which surrounded her. St. Marys' county, with it's creeks, marches, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay, provided a never ending and unique mix of subject matter.

Mary Lou has developed a personal feeling of nostalgia for the "way it was" way of life along the Chesapeake. Her detailed acrylic painting reflect a strong sense of light with a realistic touch. Mary Lou's career could not exist without the constant help of her family. Jeff, who does most of the shows, Andy, her son, and Shannon, her daughter, who do most of the matting and framing. Through the years of recognition, numerous awards and artistic achievements, her work has become a part of both private an corporate collections that span from coast to coast.

Mary Lou was chosen for Maryland's 1994 Ducks Unlimited sponsor Artist.