Meet Bart & Cindy Sherman: Woodworking & Musical Instruments

spalted silver maple table.JPG

My wood working and refinishing skills started as a young fellow employed by the legendary Trumpy Yacht Yard in Annapolis and Rybovich & Sons Boatworks of Florida.

Those experiences led me to over 30 yrs of teaching in the vocational area as a marine repair technology instructor for the public school system. In the early years, much of the program focused on marine carpentry refinishing and cabinet making. I found passing on those skills was of great importance for our society and community.

After retirement, I blew up the tv and decided to learn to play an instrument. A passion for all things primitive, meshed with my wood working skills. The interest in crafting the Native American style flute took hold. Creative forces now have me designing the frame drum, didgeridoo, and whistle style flutes. The pieces are simple or adorned with feathers, leather,
and bone gathered locally. My wife joins me with her growing interest in hide tanning, skull preservation, macrame, and beading.

Folks buying my flutes admire the beauty of the piece’s wood, finish, and tone. But, my greatest pleasure comes from releasing individuals from the constraints of life in “ the box” to fulfill a spiritual need by just playing.

Responding to many requests for small furniture, I started building tables with influences of the work by George Nakashima. Using live edge slabs, reclaimed materials from old structures, metal farm implements and tools, these pieces are a fusion of the modern and primitive style.