Meet Jackie Pliskin: Pottery

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I am a ceramic artist and art teacher living in Silver Spring, MD with my family. I began exploring clay as a hobbyist while teaching middle school and high school English in Washington, DC area schools. After being exposed to potters living in the hills of Colorado, I decided to take a class and immediately felt a connection to the material - the earthiness and functionality of clay has always spoken to me and I continue to feel good about putting handmade tableware into the world that has the potential to last forever, unlike many of the materials we use today that end up in landfills.


My wheel thrown and slab work are testaments to my interest in simple modern design that honors the intersection between art and functionality. Much of my inspiration comes from the idea that everyday objects should feel like a natural extension of our daily lives and become a part of our everyday stories. 


As huge companies continue to put small shops out of business, I am deeply committed more than ever to supporting local artists and buying goods that have a personal story attached to them and are made with love and care.


I sell my work at local markets and home shows where residents are doing their part to support the handmade community and spread the good word. You can find images of my work in my Instagram feed, and I use Facebook and Instagram to post about upcoming shows and connect with my supporters.

Jackie Pliskin pottery

Instagram: @jackiepliskin

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