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Mary Pat Hollis : Basket & Bead Weaving

As a weaver, I have explored weaving traditional American baskets: Appalachian-styled ribbed and market baskets, Nantucket baskets made from cane, hand-hewn white oak and black ash baskets, those made of reed, American Indian style baskets, and natural fiber baskets. I am constantly exploring new shapes and forms, materials, color schemes, styles and uses for my baskets. Although I frequently dye some of my materials or paint original designs on select baskets, it is the love of weaving I most enjoy. I am never satisfied with using the same materials or creating uniformity in basketry. I am constantly traveling to study with and learn from some of the most famous and inspirational weavers throughout the United States. All of these encounters have given me the freedom to use non-traditional materials in weaving as well as allowing me to try new and different designs. In my studio you will find many useful baskets of all sizes, miniatures woven into tiny basket necklaces, and unusual and decorative art pieces.

In the last five years, basket weaving has led to my enjoyment of “weaving” with beads or creating beaded jewelry. Working mainly, but not exclusively with Japanese delica beads, small amulet pouches or flat panels have been turned in to colorful necklaces. Both beaded jewelry making and basket weaving have given me opportunities to work with varied materials, colors, and designs to create unique and useful art pieces.

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