Meet Kathy Copeland & Harry Layman: Glass and Acrylic Mosaic


Kathy started Mended Heart Glassworks after joining a good friend at a local community center for a class on stained glass. She was instantly taken with the artisan techniques of medieval days, the perfect blend of history, science, AND art, and from that day, she began to become a forever student of glass art.


Several years later, Kathy and Harry would meet and suddenly the story of mending broken pieces together to form beautiful pieces of art took on a whole new, and very poetic meaning. Harry is an accomplished pencil sketch artist and once he joined forces with Kathy's techniques for resin painting and contemporary glass sculptures, the two began creating new and exciting pieces together. Since 2018, the two have put their broken pasts together and mended their own hearts while creating original collaborations in resin and glass mosaic.


"I am a self-professed technique junkie! I spend hours and hours learning from YouTube videos and other types of tutorials. Then, Harry and I combine our perspectives and he draws up a concept and we get to work! Some of our favorite pieces have been the best of our collaborations."


Today, Mended Heart Glassworks is an inspirational and personal journey for both of them and even includes Kathy's daughter Brooke, an aspiring photographer. Specializing in resin and glass designs, they enjoy making functional art pieces such as trivets, serving boards, jewelry, and coasters while also taking time to "pour" their heart into unique fluid and glass art including abstracts, mosaics, fan and galaxy art (for those comic con lovers!), and beach art. Every piece includes something from the many years of collecting broken glass and other material that is then recycled and transformed from broken pieces into masterpieces!