Meet Lisa Tettimer: Mixed Metal Jewelry

As an artist I subscribe to the wonderment of forces that we feel but do not see and the belief in a higher power. Much of my jewelry takes on the form of a talisman, meant to protect the wearer - if one so believes. I am intrigued by all forms of symbolism and beliefs - results from cultures through the millennium, searching for the meaning of life and

worshiping a higher power. The shapes and forms that I include in my designs range a broad spectrum, from a simple circle to crescent moons, feathers and mermaids.

The use of natural or recycled materials and semi-precious gemstones is an important aspect of my jewelry. Animal totems, the believed healing powers of metals, crystals and stones have all played a part in my thought processes and in the fabrication of my pieces. Sometimes accidentally.

Aside from my profound reasons for making things, my work sometimes just boils down to my endeavor to create a beautiful, quiet balance between color and shape…my personal goal to mimic nature with genuine awe, admiration and respect.