Meet Ray Bogle: Potter


I’ve been working with clay and making pots as a hobby for over 30 years now. Throughout that time I’ve made all kinds of things - some pieces just for the fun of it. Others were sold at craft shows. Some were sold through my website and some on eBay. Along the way, I’ve taught classes and explored different methods of glazing and firing. At the present time I find my efforts focused on further refining my skills through advanced exploration of throwing, glazing and firing pottery.


I first discovered “clay” while attending Sunnyvale High School in California back in 1979. Since then "playing with clay" has been a hobby of varying degrees and my wheel was always around when I felt like just making something for fun or for honing my skills.


In June of 2006, I became a member of the CalvART Cooperative Art Gallery located in Prince Frederick, Maryland. I have been involved in art shows and workshops through the gallery. Being a part of the local clay/artist community has been a fantastic experience as I learn and grow as an artist from working with the warm and sharing members.

My evolution as a Potter has been marked by periods of feast and famine in terms of production. There have been extended periods of time that, for one reason or another, I didn’t make much pottery. Other times were so productive that I had pots piling up everywhere! I consider it a blessing that no matter what obstacles life throws at me I always find myself back to fulfilling my passion… back to the Clay! In fact, I still use the old second-hand Shimpo wheel, which was my first piece of equipment I ever purchased way back in 1983!

Many years have passed since I first held a piece of clay but I find myself deeper in clay than ever before. I’ve become a Potter. I’m beginning to look forward to retirement and the ability to do more and more work with clay for the rest of my years.

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