Meet Barbara Farrante: Fiber Artist

Barbara has always had a strong creative side, her mind is very active. Growing up easily bored and unable to sit still she was labeled a trouble maker in the many Catholic schools through which she passed. As an adult, she is well suited to her profession as a Dog Groomer - excuse me - Professional Canine Stylist. Her creative side is still very strong and she always has multiple projects going at the same time. Thus Project Woman was born, She loves the feel of fiber and has taken classes in weaving, felting, batik, Shibori, fabric painting and surface design. But she is interested in almost any kind of creative process, most recently delving into altered art, collage and assemblage. She just can't sit still.

Her home is her studio, the living room holds several looms, all warped and ready to weave. There is a flock of spinning wheels waiting for the next great fiber. Every available flat surface has some kind of project holding it down. Art projects and art possibilities are everywhere, since she likes to work with recycled objects she treasures each bit of stuff she drags home. Her walls are covered in murals and quotes to remind her how she wants her life to unfold, her home is an ever changing canvas. You never know what you are going to find.

Barbara's motto is " living an alternate reality isn't a bad thing...."

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