Meet: Guldal Kirkali

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Fatos “Guldal” Kirkali, PhD


Originally a biochemist, trained in France and Turkey, Guldal worked as a Professor of Biochemistry in a Medical School until 2011. She continued working as a researcher in the National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Cancer Institute until 2018 when she discovered the artist side in herself. She started up a company, Keche, LLC in 2018 and is the sole owner.


Guldal is excited to design and handcraft felted scarves, shawls, ponchos and other accessories. Using pure merino wool, Turkish silk and organic cotton, she creates all these unique, individual items to pamper your taste. All her products are handmade either by herself or by a group of women in Turkey who had been taught this centuries old Anatolian tradition. She is humbled to be able to support and economically contribute to these single moms, victims of domestic violence and sexually abused women who are producing these pieces of art.


Guldal taps into her biochemistry knowledge and expertise to improve the quality of her products. You would be amazed to learn how different types of fabrics and materials bond into tissues to give the softness of silk and the warmth of wool.


Come see for yourself if you are looking for something special for you or your loved one, hunting for a holiday present for your mom or struggling to find a present on a special occasion.


Keche, made with love…