Meet Debbie Weimert: Dolls

How do you explain who you are without looking into the depths of your soul from whence your dreams come? A daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, an aunt, I am all of these and more. A Christian, a doll collector, a baseball fan, an artist, I am all of these and more. I am me.

How precious are the thoughts of God that we find hidden everywhere. It is on those thoughts that my imagination thrives. It is those thoughts that make me who I am and bring my art work to life.


I create to honor The Creator. To Him goes all of the glory and honor. I hope you enjoy my creations.

Debbie Weimert is a doll artist. Having only dabbled in pencil portraits and charcoal drawings in the past, she recently discovered her love of sculpting. Her favorite mediums are polymer clay and paperclay. Being a one of a kind doll artist, she hopes to bring more attention to the "doll as art". She has studied under several famous doll/figurative artists such as Katherine Dewey, EJ Taylor, Jack Johnston, Dianne Keeler, and Mark Dennis but for the most part she is self taught. She loves to bring her vivid imagination to life and into the 3D world for others to see.

Debbie's work can be seen at several local art shows (including Unique Boutique, Festival of Trees, Mt. Airy Mansion Autumn Festival). She also does the Southern MD Doll Show, Expo, and IDEX every year. Her studio is located next to her home in Huntingtown MD.

You can see her work on her website, She may be contacted via email at or via phone 410-610-2658.


Member of:
· Professional Doll Makers' Art Guild
· United Federation of Doll Clubs
· Calvert Artists' Guild