Meet Patricia Childs: Multi-Media Glass Sculpture


I have enjoyed creating stained glass designs for friends and family for many years. After recently moving to Calvert County and retiring as an accountant in the construction industry, I decided to pursue my creative side by designing stained glass pieces as more than a hobby.

Along with creating stained glass sun catchers and panels, I discovered table top resin. This discovery allowed me to expand the use of stained glass to a whole new level. The resin allows me to create colorful mixed media wall hangings of various sizes ( such as mermaids, blue herons, crabs, hummingbirds, etc.) using stained glass, natural grasses, beads, wire, and shells sealed with resin. I create a wall hanging by cutting plywood into a particular size. I draw and cut out a design from stained glass. I glue the stained glass design that I have cut out onto the painted plywood. I add wire, beads,
grasses etc. to create the desired scene. Once the scene is completed, I mix and pour the resin over the piece. After the resin dries, a hook is attached to the back and it is ready to hang on a wall.

I enjoy spending time on the beaches around Calvert County collecting driftwood, shells, coral and sea glass. I have found so many unusual pieces of driftwood that I recently decided to expand on the use of stained glass by creating chimes by attaching strands of beads and glass to driftwood. The chimes are very colorful and add a touch of whimsy to any room or garden.

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