Meet Cynthia Rosenblatt: Metalsmith

My interest in metalsmithing began with a chance viewing of wearable sculpture at a small gallery. This inspired me to take classes and here is where my journey began. While enrolled in a beginning jewelry class I became exposed to silver smithing.  Smithing is the process of transforming a flat piece of metal into an object with the use of the hammer, stake or other simple tools. Although my roots are in jewelry, creating vessels and holloware is of particular interest.

The predominant techniques I use are chasing, forging and raising. I love my hammer.  It is never far from my grasp. I can turn objects fabricated from a seemingly unyeilding sheet of metal into whatever captivates my imagination.  Ocassionally, I  make my own dies for use with the hydrolic press. Some of my work involves constructing pieces by scoring and bending the metal. The metal is also texturized using various methods.  Stone setting as well as using patinas are used to bring color to my work.  The emphasis on my work is the metal.

I enjoy challenging myself with each new piece. Whether mastering a new technique or simply learning to let go of some control and allowing the process to evolve without my interference, each piece is a lesson.

Most of my inspiration derives from nature. Rolling landscapes, tranquil waterways or curling vines and tendrils lend to curves in my work. A walk in the forest, a stroll along the beach or the view under a microscope can influence the shape or texture of my designs. This abundance of nature allows me the privilege to create distinctive pieces touched by my hands, heart and my mind.

Cynthia M. Rosenblatt is from Bordentown, New Jersey. She attended Howard University in Washington, D.C. where she earned  her B.S. in Psychology. She studied metalsmithing at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland. She also attends various workshops. She has taught classes with St. Mary’s County Department of Parks and Recreation, The College of Southern Maryland’s Personal Enrichment Program and private instruction. She resides in St. Mary’s County, Md with her husband, Jeff. They have three children, Cameryn, Jonathan and Rachel.